Monday, June 11, 2012

To the Maxx!

Top: TJ Maxx (Darjoni) Love Similar
Jeans: TJ Maxx (Paige) Similar
Shoes: Kenneth Cole
Jewelry: NY&Co
Clutch:  Target

Well hello!  Are you as unexcited to be up this Monday morning as me?  Work has been driving me nuts lately, so over the weekend I made sure I had a few things to cheer me up for the next couple of days.  Nothing takes away the stress of work (and life) better than some good old retail therapy! 

I was in State College, Pa this weekend, and for some reason they have the best TJ Maxx.. ever.  That town is the WORST for shopping, but somehow redeems itself with this store.  I must have been in there for 2 hours, and made 3 trips (at least) to the dressing room.  This is why prefer to shop alone... I can get into my zone without anyone tapping their feet, sitting down because they're tired, or rolling their eyes.  It also gives me WAY to much time to justify everything in my cart.

Every top I tried on, I tried on with these white jeans.  White jeans are kinda my summer thing (I get that from my Mom).  I think they make everything look good.  I'm obsessed.  So of course EVERY top I tried on, I got.  :)

Looking at these photos now, I realize I should've worn a belt. 
 A pink one maybe...or maybe just brown.
  Oh well, next time!

Have a good day :)


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