Thursday, June 21, 2012

Ow OwL!

Tank: NY&Co (Target has them too)
Pants: Random shoe store ha! Similar
Owl Necklace: eBay
Jewelry:Target, NY&Co, Hallmark
Sunnies: TJ Maxx

Do not adjust your screen... yes, that is a knot I tied in my shirt.  First neons, now this.  I am an 80's baby after all ;)

I'm so excited these wide leg pants (I'm sure this style of pant has a name, but I don't know it yet) are back in style!  I found these at a random shoe store here in Philly, but Target has very similar ones in two different prints right now.  I would recommend wearing a tighter/form fitting shirt with pants like this.. otherwise you might look like a sack.  These are great for summer because they are very light weight, and they allow you to skip a day of shaving (hehe)... I'll take it!

Pants from a shoe store, bracelets from a card store, necklace from Hong Kong.  I love random finds :)

Hope you're staying cool today!!

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  1. hi there just found ur blog its brilliant.i just love these wide leg pants they are so lovely to wear and i agree its great to get a shave free day. such a nuisance. don't have to bother much about staying cool here its like winter all week!! u have such stunning hair it looks so healthy my blonde hair is like straw. hope ur having a good weekend would u like to check out my blog kisses from Dublin xx leonie