Friday, June 8, 2012

Pop Pop Pop!

Shirt: Target 
Pants: NY&Co Similar 
Shoes: Target (old) Similar, Fun, yes please!
Necklace: F21 (old)
Arm everything: NY&Co
Nail Polish: Sinful colors (do NOT recommend)

It's Fridaaaaaaay!!! And nothing can change that!  I actually have off today (hehe), but I still got my butt up at 5:30 this morning to go to boot camp.  Just to clarify, not "real" boot camp, just the kind that makes you want to DIE.  I just started it up again after taking 2 months off (back, and I feel like it was my first time exercising - ever.

So as I sit here, icing my entire body, I bring you my outfit of the day.  A not so neutral neon combination, perfect for a Friday!  Typically, I really like the neon yellow paired with a white or tan, but what the heck.  I bought these purple capris and wore them, umm once (here), so I'm determined to get some more wear out of them!

  So, since I decided to get a little pop crazy with color, I thought the nails had to jump on board too.  I bought the (cheapest) brightest neon pink color nail polish I could find at my local Rite Aid.  I think its Sinful Colors, or something like that.  (If I could walk right now, I'd go upstairs and find it to be sure, but stairs are out of the question at the moment.)  Anyway, don't get it.  Even after 2 coats, the coverage is awful. 

Ok pretty ladies, I must get on with my day.  I'm headed back to State College for my baby cousins high school graduation... the cousin I remember holding in the hospital the night she was born.  


Have a great weekend!!

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