Monday, September 24, 2012

Hello again

Sweater and Chambray:: Old Navy
Jeans:: Paige Denim via TJ Maxx
Boots:: Forever 21 (2010?)
Necklace and watch:: Target

Welll helllllllllo......

Yes, I have been MIA forEVER.  Mostly because I'm broke, so I haven't gone shopping in 2 months.  When I started this blog, I went bonkers.  I felt justified by my every move in the shopping mall, and I lost total control.  I was retail drunk.

Now that my credit cards are sobering up, perhaps its time to fall off the wagon and celebrate FALL.  I love love love layers and big comfy clothes! :)

 This outfit is actually all last year, but are basic pieces that are easy to find at stores like Old Navy, Gap, Target, etc.

The NEW accessory though, is this thirty-one bag.  I got mine through Tabitha who's a current thirty-one consultant.  Check out their catalog, they have a ton of purses, totes, thermal bags, and other stylish accessories.  You can even have them personalized if you wish.  

What I like about this purse, is that you can change its look.  The denim part is called a "skirt", and you can change out the skirt for a different pattern (or material) to suit your needs.  You can go from day to night with just one huh?  I think the best part is that you could wash the skirt, or do a quick skirt ONLY change in the event of an emergency.... like when you spill  your red wine margarita taco coffee on it.

Thirty-one seems like a great place to order gifts for the upcoming holidays, AND is having a special right now:: Spend $31, and get 31% ... hmm that seems appropriate :)

Anyone else looking forward to big comfy sweaters and hot chocolate?? Mmmmmmmm... can't wait!