Sunday, April 29, 2012

 Comfy Weekender...

Cardi: Target
Scarf: H&M
Cami: Old Navy (can never have enough!)
Belt: Charlotte Russe
Ring: Charlotte Russe
Wooden Bracelet: F21
Jeans: NY&Co (Regular jeans- just rolled them up!)
Shoes: Sanuk via Zappos

Oh yes, we have yet another leopard accessory!  A scarf is such an easy way to turn it up a notch.  As much as I love my t shirt and sweatpants on the weekends- I still wouldn't run errands in them.  I'm running to Ikea and Home Depot today.  My Mom's 50th birthday party is this weekend, and we're having a Cinco de Mayo theme.  I'm hoping to find some fun little cactus's ( I think its cacti, but I don't like that word!) for the tables.  Wish me luck! :)

Ps.  Almost all of these pieces are old, so I couldn't tag them.  However, they're all basic things that can be found (easily) year around, if you don't already have something comparable!

Going backwards...

Sweater: Old...?
Blouse: NY7Co (recent)
Necklace: Charlette Russe
Jeans: NY&Co
Shoes: Target (online)
Watch: Target

Although this sweater doesn't photograph well, I posted this anyway because I like the color/leopard combo :)  It feels more like a Fall outfit, but yesterday decided to be a little Fall-ish anyway.  At least I could still wear my favorite flats instead of my tired ol' boots! :)

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

To soon??

Cardigan: Target
Blouse: NY&Co
Pants: NY&Co
Bracelets: F21 and Target (old)
Shoes: Kenneth Cole Reaction (TJ Maxx)
Ohhhh how I love white!   Especially white and gold.  My favorite spring and summer outfits usually involve white pants/capris/shorts.  It goes with everything, and looks fresh and summery! This blouse is sleeveless, but if I took off my sweater, it's hard to tell ;)  I layered it with a tan/beige cardigan to hide those pasty white arms - and dressed up the ruffle (which gets lost in a normal sized photo- hence the obnoxiously large first picture) with a blingy fun necklace from Charlotte Russe.

Have a good day!


Funny Face...?

Cardigan: NY&CO (old)
Mint shirt: ny&co
Skinnies: NY&Co ( Similar here & here)
Shoes: Payless (Similar here)
Bracelets: F21 and Target (old)
Necklace: Charlotte Russe
Ring: Old Navy

This is hopefully just the start of my mint combos.  I'm totally obsessed with the color, and am DIEING to find a pair of skinnies that fit my body type.  I need the denim kind- not the spandexy/hugseveryimperfection kind.  Know what I mean? :)

PS.  That's what my mouth looks like when I try and close my lips.  It's totally awkward and unnatural for me. My boyfriend thinks it's HYSterical.... Nice guy huh? 

 Actually he is.  Very much so ;)


A little bit of everything...

Denim shirt: Old Navy
Sweater: Old Navy
Sequin Shirt: Wet Seal (Similar here & here & here )
Gold Bangles: F21
Wooden Bracelet: Target (old)
Necklace: NY&CO (and long one will do)
Ring: Old Navy (recent)
Skinnies: NY&CO
Shoes: DSW

The weather is crazy lately!  I'm not sure if I should dress warm, or prepare for some heat.  So, this outfit was my solution to mother natures recent mood swings.  Layers and capris.  You can never be too prepared ;)


Friday, April 20, 2012


Shirt: Old Navy (Similar here, here, LOVE this one,& on sale)
Shoes: J Lo via Kohls (Similar here)

This is such an easy and comfortable outfit. I love the contrast, and especially love the leopard!! I am a leopard FREAK, but usually try to keep it subtle by limiting it to accessories. But when you can find a shirt in a classier (non chincy) print - get it girl!

And since I have an animal theme going here, I thought I'd formally introduce you to my little man.


When I first got him, he was supposedly a girl.  He had the name "Bella" for the first 4 months of his life.  Then one day, well.. I figured it out.  So he just goes by Booboo now. 

Or BooBear

Or Stinky Butt

He doesn't care, just as long as he gets his head pet.

 We Have a Visitor!

Shirt: H&M $13 (recent)
Cami: Old Navy
Pants: LC via Kohls (similar)(Similar)(<3 Paris Blues)
Necklace: JCP Similar colors here
Bracelets: F21 (Similar) but easy to find (cheap) anywhere
Bag: Steve Madden via Marshalls

So today I dusted off the ol' Digital SLR.  I feel terrible as my Mom and Grandma went in on it together for a Christmas gift (2 years ago), and I haven't learned how to use it yet.  Yikes,  I need to take a class...stat!

This outfit is a little loud, but that's what makes it fun right?!  I was actually inspired to purchase this necklace while following Lilly's Blog.  I would have never picked this up if she didn't convince me first. :)

And yes... that is my little bunny wanting to be by my side <3

Happy Friday everyone!

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Oh So Summery :)

Shirt: NY&CO (clearance find)
Pants: NY&CO
Shoes: DSW
Watch and Bracelet: Old ( NY&CO and Chicos)

Once again, please excuse (and get used) to the chaos behind me 0:) I swear it comes out of no where!  This outfit makes me want an ice cream cone real bad. (then again, what doesn't?!) We will be seeing a lot of mint/aqua and coral this season.. and I'm gearing up!  I love how my phone matches my outfit? BOOM!  It's a spek case.  My boyfriend made me buy one.  Supposedly it's supposed to protect my phone from my clumsy ways.  We'll see about that!


Something Old, Something Blue:


Grabbed this little treasure of a sweater off the clearance rack at Old Navy a few months back.  H&M usually has a version or two like this, as well as Forever 21.  But, if you already have something similar in your closet, here's a nice pairing (if I do say so myself!)

Sweater and Cami: Old Navy (Similar) (Similar)
Pants: NY&CO
Shoes: DSW
Necklace: JCP (Similar)
Watch: NY&CO

Layers and Lace

Top: Target
Cami: Old Navy
Shoes: DSW
Necklace and watch: NY&CO
Bracelet: Chicos

The colors of this outfit, and the shell like beads on the necklace take me to the beach!  Well, the boardwalk maybe.  But although these pumps are comfy, flippies would be more boardwalk appropriate :)

Speaking of the BEACH.. we have a trip planned to OBX this summer.  We went twice two years ago, and loved it!!  The homes there are amazing, and since we are going with 10 other people, we got ourselves a doozy this time around! :)

Anyone else going someplace fun?

Oh yeah!

I forgot I did this!  I took advantage of an Old Navy sale this week.  They have these great pull over sweaters for $15!  I'm loving the POP of color this adds...

Sweater: Old Navy
Shoes: Payless
And while I'm at it, lets transition from the "darker" blue skinnies.  These are a yummy color aren't they?! 

Pants: NY&CO
Shoes: Payless
Necklace: JCP (2 months ago)
 This outfit was soo much better in person! Can't wait to have some better quality photos! Oh and, please excuse the mess in the background. When I put outfits together, Tazmanian Ashley shows up.

Just for Fun

Shirt: Marshalls
Pants: NY&CO
Shoes: Payless
Watch: NY&CO
Bracelet: Chicos
 Green Necklace: OLD.. Claire's? haha

Necklace: NY&CO

Unfortuntely for now, I'm only using my iPhone for my photos.  This second necklace really does go with the outfit, but its hard to tell from these shots :(  Also the polka dots paired with the bright blue pants and very yellow shoes, remind me of the comics from an old comic book :)


I like out :)

Shirt: NY&CO
Pants: NY&CO
(only purple and bright blue left online, but I saw them yesterday in store)
Shoes: Target
Necklace: NY&CO (new in store)
Watch: NY&CO
Bracelet: Chico's

Looking at it now, I probably should have bought the blouse in a small.  This is a medium.  I think they look nice tucked in, but when pairing with skinnies, the medium makes for too much bulky fabric.  Oh well.  Good news though... they are 50% off right now!!  I may have accidently bought it in pink.. and mint. Oops? :)

Have you ever bought the same item in different colors?

So I'm a BIG New York and Company shopper.  Always have been, and always will be!  They have sizes for all, and amazing sales.  Anytime I go, I make sure to have my phone on me so that I can show a coupon from my email at the register. :)
Blazer: NY&CO
Shirt: Old Navy ($8)
Pants: NY&CO (I was just there and saw plenty left in my PA store)
Shoes: Payless
Bracelet: Chicos
Watch: NY&CO

Other shoe option (flats)
Shoes: Target

I love how my rug in my wardrobe room matches my outfit. haha.

Shirt: New York and Company
Pants: New york and Company
Necklace: New York and Company
Shoes: Target
Ring: Old Navy
Bracelets: Forever 21