Wednesday, January 29, 2014

You're Invited!! :)

Hey everyone!  I've been working on a new blog for the last 6ish months, and I'd like to invite you all to check it out.  I started in on Weebly, but I really miss blogger so I'm bringing it over to here.

What is it called?
I named my blog "The Paper Pinata."  Why?  I'm not sure lol.  I think mostly because when I think gifts, I think cards and wrapping paper.  Plus, I love Pinata's... not just because they remind me of birthdays and parties, but because they make me think of my FAVORITE food group, Mexican.  Also, they're covered in paper, so it made sense to me!
Here is the URL is:
Follow me! :)

What is it about?
Mostly gift ideas I show you where to find them, suggest how to give them, and recommend who they're good for.  I also hope to remind you to think of your neighbors, teachers, co-wokers, mailmen,  and other people you come in contact with on a daily basis.  Gifts don't have to be expensive, and you don't need a holiday or birthday as an excuse to give them.  In fact the smallest, and most unexpected gifts can mean the most!  I hope to encourage you to do something nice for someone more than you regularly would.  Small, kind gestures are the best gestures.  Maybe it's my way of trying to make the world a better place :).  That's what this blog is really about.... spreading love <3

Why am I writing this blog?
I shop a lot :).  Whether I'm buying anything or not, I'm always in the stores.  I'm constantly coming across items, and saying to myself "oh, that would be good for someone who ______" or something like "I have to remember this for when ______'s birthday comes around!"... and then I forget about it.  Also, every time I'm in a jam for a new gift idea, and I google "gift ideas for ________," I never get a good search result.  Instead, it's usually just a bunch of stores who pay to have their website come up when you type in those key words.  It never gets me anywhere.
So, with this blog, I can store all my ideas, and share them with you guys in hopes it helps you out a bit too.  I hope that you guys share your ideas and finds with me as well!  Let me know when you find something great!

Who is this for?
Anyone!  Especially for all of us who have busy schedules, and all our time is spent taking care of the house or kids.  I try to share with you the newest things out on the shelves, without you having to get in the car, drive across town, and find out for yourselves.  Although this blog will never fully replace the need to browse through numerous stores, I hope to highlight the best of the best :).

So please.. check it out!   It may come in handy to you, especially around the holidays :).

Regardless, I'm having a lot of fun with it!  

Let me know what you guys think!

Thanks friends!

Friday, January 17, 2014

Going Steady

kate spade bracelet

See, now this is why we need guys to read these blogs.

Can you imagine if your new guy asked you to go "steady" with him ....on Valentine's Day....with this kate spade bracelet?!   

Honestly, if it were me, he'd have me at this...
(The drawstring bag it comes in)

But the bracelet itself, combined with Valentine's Day?

I think it's safe to say you've got yourself a girlfriend, mister!

So, do a guy (and a girl) a favor, and pass this along...get this post out there!

Pleaasssse.. do it for me?!  I want to live vicariously through some young love birds :)  And then let me know how it goes, k? <3
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Thursday, January 16, 2014

Valentine's Gift Idea For Him

I thought this would be a unique, creative, and impressive gift for your hard working hunk-a hunk-a man!  These collar stays are metal, so they don't bend easily like the plastic ones that typically come with these types of shirts, but of course the BEST part is that you can have them engraved with personal little love messages.  Another big perk of ordering these from Personalization Mall, is that they come in this nice little black velvet box.  Fancy.

If you have kids, you could let them in on this by personalizing one or two from them.

If you want to go a step further, they have cufflinks too.  Not just any cufflinks though....
Photo Cufflinks!
They also have all these
Of course you'll want to find a nice shirt (make sure they have a slot for the collar stays though!) to round it all off.

AND don't forget the candy!!  I was at Micheal's yesterday, and they had some really cute non drug store looking candy... so make sure to check them out!


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