Thursday, July 5, 2012

Leopard.. not just for fall and winter!

Top: NY&Co ( still available in some stores)
Skirt: Loft (last May)
Necklaces: F21 (last week)
Watch: Flea Market
-Bracelet: Target
Bracelet: NY&Co
Sunnies & Shoes: Target

I am a huge leopard print fan, but it's not always appropriate to bring it into summer.  However, if you can find a print with a lighter spin on colors, it's easy to pair it with something summer friendly.  A typical leopard print consists of Fall/Winter colors and tones.  This print has a cream background, 50 shades of grey, and small touches of a blushy-pink.  Oh, how I love Christian Grey leopard :)

My Grandma bought me this skirt for my birthday last year from the Loft.  She's definitely the hippest Grandma I know :) 

And yes, I am badly some areas.  We went to the beach with friends yesterday.  My boyfriend sprayed me with sunblock from the can, and I didn't know you were supposed to rub it in.  Actually, he told me to rub it in, but I was like, "yeah yeah yeah".  Well folks, I'll only say it here.... he was right
My knees hurt the most, but my arms and chest are ridiculous!

See for yourself:

So, if you buy the sunblock SPRAY...spray it, and then RUB IT IN!  Lesson learned!

Haha, have a good day, and a better nights sleep than I'll be having later!

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