Tuesday, July 3, 2012

I'm back!

Top: NY&Co
Pants: NY&Co
Shoes: dollhouse
Necklaces: F21
Ring: Target (old)
Watch and Bracelets: Flea Market
Clutch: Target

Sorry for the blurry images?  I think I'll blame them on my boyfriend, who is beginning to have no patience with taking photos.  As supportive as he is, I think he thinks taking 20394983 pictures of me in the back yard is the absolute worst time ever.  Especially when he's slapping himself silly, and claiming he's being eaten alive by bugs.   It's seriously time to get a remote...

Anyway... speaking of boyfriend...

His birthday was this past Saturday, and because he's always said his dream job would to be a pilot...

I got him an introductory 1 hour flying lesson :)

I was so excited that I had gotten him flying lessons, but while I was driving him to the airport, I started freaking out. What if something went wrong? Here I was taking him a dinky little airport we have never been to before, and he had to get onto a plane because I planned it that way. What if something went wrong?! What was I supposed to tell his family (who was waiting for us at a restaurant) when he was finished?  I really wasn't trying to kill my boyfriend on his birthday.

The entire way there, I was driving with my left hand, and grasping him with my right.

Freaking. Out.

(Of course, he thought that was hysterical.)

But, in the end (thank goodness), all went well.

The instructor actually let him take off.

When he got back he told me they flew down to the shore, and could see the New York City skyline.

Then he told me that for fun, while 3,500 feet up in the air....

 They shut the engine off! 

For FUN?!  Are you kidding me?! The plane was 100% free falling out of the sky!!  I still can't believe it!! Who volunteers for something like that?!?! 
Thankfully, the plane turned back on when the instructor started it again, and he came back in one piece. 
Good God!

Ok that is all!  Lesson of the day: Do not ever get your boyfriend or husband flying lessons if he's a total nut case like mine!! :)

Have a good day!

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